I create valuations of developed and converted properties at the behest of courts, companies, investors and private customers. The objective is to determine a reliable value that endures as a solid basis in purchase negotiations or court disputes. Therefore sensible calculations are always the highest precept. On the other hand, however, less objective things must also be considered in the calculation, such as the building’s charm or its position, the development and expansion opportunities, trends and market trends. It is necessary to see or develop future perspectives and visions for a building or property and also to define the value from this perspective. One of the principles of my office is to always consider an object from various angles.

As a graduate in business administration, I evaluate buildings not only by their substance, but also by the market opportunities as a matter of priority. In the end there is always a valuation of particular quality. As a publically appointed and sworn expert, the values determined before the court bear weight and I am liable for their attainability in the market. As a verified member of the world’s largest real-estate association, the RICS, I am also familiar with the international valuation regulations.

I am independent, impartial, autonomous and subject to the strict confidentiality obligations, so that I create my services neutrally and independently to a high quality.